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On this page you will find useful information regarding the concert experience


Concert place

Vaasa City Hall, Senaatinkatu 1, 65100 Vaasa.
(The assembly room: 3rd floor, Orchestra’s office: 2nd floor)

Vaasa City Hall

The historical City Hall of Vaasa serves usually as the concert place of the Vaasa City Orchestra. The City Hall is situated right in the center of Vaasa and the main doors can be found in the Senaatinkatu, opposite the Vaasa Church.

The assembly room

The assembly room is situated in the 3rd floor of the Vaasa City Hall. The assembly room has 400 seats of which 30 are on the balcony.


Access to City Hall

Wheelchair access to the City Hall can be found at the southern end of the building, via the playground.

The lift to the Vaasanpuistikko side offers direct access to the 3rd floor. The south end door and lift are open on concert days. The use of the passage at other times must be agreed with the City Hall Office Managers.

City Hall Office Manangers

Jari Suomela (, p. 040 501 0240

Kenneth Salmensuo (, p. 040 501 0240

There are wheelchair and assistant seats in the ballroom. The toilet for the disabled is located on the 3rd floor, in the ladies’ toilet. The 3rd floor café and Mirror Hall (Peilisali) also have accessibility.

There is an induction loop in the ballroom.

NB! Assistants will always be able to come to concerts for free. Vaasa City Orchestra is an EU disability card destination.

Come as you are!

Come as you are!

A concert performance filled with artistic music is a musical experience where the listener gets a chance to break away from everyday life and immerse themselves in the flow of music. The ‘concert’ label can make an inexperienced visitor nervous, but don’t worry! Concerts are open to everyone, and visitors do not have to worry about whether or not they fit in. You will find useful information about attending concerts in this section.

Do you need to dress up for a Concert?

No, that is not necessary. You can come to the concert just as you are, and you can also dress how you want. Everyone is welcome at our concerts! Traditionally, symphony concerts have been formal events, which is why the musicians and conductor also dress up formally. However, it is perfectly acceptable to dress more festively if you choose to do so.

Can I come to the concert during the performance?

The doors are closed at the start of the concert and it is not desirable to enter the hall when the concert is going on, as it can interfere with the performance. However, there is usually a break in the concert so you can come to listen to the second part.

Can you talk to your friend at the concert?

People come to concerts to listen to music that professional musicians have carefully honed to the highest level. This should be respected by quietly listening to the music without causing sounds that may interfere with the enjoyment of others. For the same reason, you should always switch off your mobile phone before the concert starts. In this way, the very finest musical nuances come into their own.

Intermission service & Cloack room

Café Maestro

The intermission service in the Vaasa City Orchestra’s concert is taken care by Café Maestro. They open one hour before the concert starts.

Tuija Kaski-Kuula
Puh. 040 836 2616

Café Maestro also takes care of the cloak room


Vaasa City Hall