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Vaasan Sähkö Arena – Cheerleading Finnish Championship qualifying event

Joy of cheerleading in Vaasa

 The qualifying event for the cheerleading Finnish Championship 2017 was organised at Vaasan Sähkö Arena in cooperation by the Finnish Cheerleading Federation and the Vaasa-based local club, West Coast Vikings Cheerleaders. In recent years, cheerleading has seen immense nationwide growth in popularity, and the competition at the Finnish Championship qualifying event is very tough. This was very clear at the event, organised a few years ago.

Of the 63 teams that participated in the qualifying event, 53 made it to the Finnish Championship finals. The qualifying event always attracts a large number of competitors, and the total number this time was 1,797. Spectators found their way to the event commendably, as 2,262 tickets were sold. Hosting a large qualifying event is always a great effort for the hosting club, but thanks to seamless cooperation, everything worked like a dream.

Successful arrangements guaranteed a successful event

“The arrangements worked as agreed, all our wishes were heard, and on-site, everyone did their best to meet our needs. Furthermore, the facilities were exactly as we wanted and ideally suitable for our event. We, the organisers, anticipated that, having experience of many previous competitions in ice rinks,” says Heli Stenroos, club coordinator of West Coast Vikings.

“We followed the discussion among the cheerleading community after the event, and received a lot of positive feedback from competitors and judges for a well-organised competition. In particular, the lunch for participants, served at the Kotkanpesä restaurant of the Arena, received ample praise nationwide for being plentiful, diverse and of high quality,” says Stenroos.

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Success is based on cooperation between professionals

All events in Vaasa are organised with dedication. Success is guaranteed by Vaasanseudun Areenat, Visit Vaasa and Vaasan Sport. Event organisers will experience the seamless cooperation across organisational borders as concrete help and taking pleasure in the work.

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Vaasa as an event city

Vaasa is the second most international city in Finland and the region is the largest energy technology concentration in the Nordic countries. Personalised services combined with easy mobility create an unforgettable setting for organising events.

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