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Sledge slope

Spend a historic winter day in Old Vaasa

Pack a thermos flask with hot chocolate and maybe even some stick bread and enjoy a wonderful winter day for yourself or with loved ones in a significant cultural-historical environment in Vaasa. In the area around Old Vaasa you can ski, hike and go sledding. While moving outdoors, stop for a moment and tell stories about the fire in Vaasa, to your children, or marvel at the phenomenon of land uplift at Vallipuisto.

Go sledding by the ruins in Old Vaasa

When Vaasa burned in 1852, virtually the entire city was destroyed. By the street Kauppiaankatu you find the ruins of the medieval St Mary’s church with a belfry and the ruins of Vaasa trivial school. The ruins are a popular place among photographers all year round. The light and shadows are beautifully broken against the brick facades of the ruins.

In winter there is a sled hill by the ruins. The hill is suitable for everyone, but is extra popular among children in kindergarten and primary school age. In winter, it is also possible to grill in the area, so pack your own firewood, sausages and marshmallows. The hill is lit according to the same timetable as the street lighting.

The nearest public car park is at Kauppiaankatu, about 50 meters from the slope.

Check out Korsholm’s church

After the fire, the city of Vaasa was moved about 7 km closer to the sea. In the new city, the people of Vasa built a new church. But the countryside parish lost their church as the old one could not be repaired after the fire.

Vaasa’s Court of Appeal building survived the fire unscathed. The house was unused as a new Court of Appeal building was erected in the new city. The emperor donated the old building to the parish to be used as a church. This means that the current Korsholm’s Church is an old Court of Appeal building. This explains why the church does not look like a traditional church building and that the church is located in old Vaasa.

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Climb the hill of the old castle and admire the view

The hill, on which Korsholm’s castle stood during the 14th century, is called “Vanhan Vaasan vallit” (the mound of Old Vaasa). The ramparts are an excellent outdoor destination all year round. The place is also a perfect place to experience the effects of the land uplift, which has caused the ground to be raised by about one meter per hundred years. It pays to walk towards the top along the trampled paths, especially in winter it can otherwise be difficult to pass in places. However, the view is worth the steep climb.

You will find the mound at the southern end of Kauppiaankatu, opposite Korsholm’s church. You can park the car, at the parking area by Korsholm’s Church or Old Vaasa Museum.

The mound now function as a park area with a nice view of the surrounding area. Korsholm’s church can be seen at the end of the avenue to the east. To the west and south, arable land spreads out and in the middle of these is Kuninkaankartanon puisto. When Korsholm Castle was founded, the area around the current Vaasa and Old Vaasa was the archipelago sea on which ships sailed. At the place where the castle stood, there is today a stone cross in memory of the crusaders of that time.

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Take a trip to Pilvilampi

Pilvilampi is an excellent destination all year round and is also popular with hikers and cyclists. In winter, the area has a nice and extensive network of cross-country skiing trails. Along the routes there are rest areas where you can make a fire and also spend the night. The experienced outdoor enthusiast can maybe try hiking with snowshoes or night hiking in the glow of a headlamp.

Pilvilampi recreation area is approximately 800 hectares. In the area, you can see how the ice age has shaped the landscape through the formation of mountain ridges and boulders.

The extensive contiguous forest area offers a quiet nesting environment for coniferous forest birds. At the beginning of the year, already in March the drumming of the woodpecker, the faint song of the Eurasian treecreeper and the jaunty call of tits can all be heard throughout the forest, creating the essence of the areas unique and bird life rich ambience. Stop for a while and listen if you recognize the sounds of the different birds.

Pilvilampi recreation area is located on the east side of the city, about 9 kilometres from the center.

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