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Samu Torsti's tips for a successful winter trip to Vaasa

The alpinist Samu Torsti, born in Vaasa, has for many years been responsible for the Finnish men’s success in the World Cup in giant slalom. The alpinist who made his debut in the World Cup in 2009 has throughout his elite sports career also represented Finland at the Olympics and other international value competitions.

Approximately 10 World Cup competitions per year and training camps in Central Europe take up a large part of a top athlete’s time. The alpinist who currently trains with the Swedish national team has about 200 travel days per year. Therefore, the free time spent with family and friends in Finland and especially in Vaasa is a lot appreciated.

“Nowadays I only visit Vaasa about 3-4 times a year, so these moments you really have to enjoy. It is always an equally nice feeling to come driving along the motorway past Kuparisaari via Elisa Stadium towards the center of Vaasa. In my hometown, there is always a warm and safe atmosphere “, says Torsti.

Torsti’s tips for a wintry Vaasa

Öjberget’s winter sports center

In winter, Öjberget’s winter sports center is absolutely number 1 in Vaasa. Here I started my alpine career and I remember the times in the slopes of Öjberget with great warmth. It has been very gratifying to see how the city invest even more in the center. The new snow cannons make it possible to open earlier than before and the carpet lift for beginners is also a fantastic thing. Vaski (Vasa skidklubb – Vaasan Hiihtoklubi) does a great job in the center and I still represent them with pride”.


Ice swimming

“I always go ice swimming whenever possible. On Hietasaari Island in Vaasa the ice swimming club “Vaasa Penguins” have a sauna with excellent opportunities to take a dip in the icy water. As a counterbalance to the cold water you have a warm sauna and a pleasant atmosphere”.

Vaasan Pingviinit ry:

Skating areas and rinks

“Skating on the outdoor ice with your friends is a great way to spend a sporty winter day. In Vaasa, there are many outdoor ice skating areas in good condition and regardless of the level of knowledge, you will always find space to play and skate. ”

Outdoor skating areas in Vaasa:

Vasa Sports ice-hockey games

“I always visit Sport’s ice hockey games when I have the opportunity. Vaasan Sport play their games in the new Vaasan Sähkö Areena.

Vaasan Sport:


Text published: February 2021

Winter in the Vaasa Region