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Dual Career Couples

How can we support the employment and settling down of spouses to international experts? Here you find the presentations on the topic of dual career couples from our webinar 3.5.2022.

The competion for international experts is harsh. Most of the international personnel move to their new home country together with their spouse and family and thus a crucial part of the attraction and retention factor is to be able to offer employment to both spouses. How can we be successful in this target? Very informative introductions to the theme were made by Jochen Faugel, Spouse Program Helsinki, and Raisa Suominen, Hidden Gems Tampere, by opening up how they have build up and developed their concepts.

Spouse Program Helsinki, Jochen Faugel

Hidden Gems and HEI LIFE, Raisa Suominen 

TE office services for internationals, Anna Korsbäck

Spouse programs and dual career networks internationally 

The webinar was arranged in cooperation with the Talent Coastline ecosystem and the EURES service.