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Culture Services

Culture Services are responsible for overall cultural activity in the city. We create the frames for versatile culture supply and we take part in affecting and developing Vaasa as a culture city. We do close co-operation with the local residents and cultural actors. We want to bring up the importance of cultural activity in everyday life and wellbeing of people of all ages. Culture Services are responsible for producing the cultural services of the city, coordinating and developing cultural activities and products especially for children and elderly people. We also support different cultural actors in the city and help them with networking in the area.

We produce and coordinate ourselves and with co-operation different kinds of cultural events and happenings, for example Night of Arts, Vaasa Choir Festival and Vaasa Picnic. Culture Services’ job as a common culture operator is to be involved in developing a long-term and active co-operation between city’s cultural institutes and especially work with Ikäkeskus (Cultural Carousel K-65) and education facilities (Culture path) to create cultural activities for children and elderly people.

Culture Services are involved in managing the culture grand, we give out information about cultural activities and services in Vaasa and provide help with stage, light and sound technology. We host and manage buildings of Kasarmi 13, Culture house Fanny and the City hall and we are also developing the Culture brigade. We also manage the magazine KultTour.


Contact information:
Culture Services 
Kirjastonkatu 13, 1st floor
Telephone: 06 325 3753

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