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Lapset soittavat pianoa

Music preparation

All children aged 7-9 are welcome to the music preparation course, no previous music studies are needed.

Music preparation is a goal-oriented form of music education planned as a continuation of the
music playschool.

Music preparation is arranged at the Kuula-opisto and in schools.

Registration and application times

The registration period for new students is 11.4.-12.5.2024. If there is room in the groups, new students can also be admitted during the school year.

Registration is made in the Kuula-opisto’s Wilma registration program. Student places are filled in registration order.

At the end of the spring, we will send instructions regarding continued registration to those who are already students with us.

Objectives and teaching content

  • Familiarisation with different styles of music.
  • Familiarisation with orchestral instruments by listening and experimenting.
  • Teaching the child to apply basic musical principles independently.
  • Preparing the child for individual teaching.

Teaching times and places

Music preparation courses are arranged at the Kuula-opisto and in schools. Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

  • Teaching at the Kuula-opisto facilities
    • ukulele, kantele
    • afternoon- and evening groups


  • Teaching in schools(Years 1-3)
    • Keskuskoulu, Länsimetsän koulu, Suvilahden koulu, Hietalahden koulu, Rauhalan koulu (Laihia), Vikinga skola
    • musical instruments: ukulele, kantele, piano, recorder
    • the time of teaching is agreed with the school

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