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For student

Absence policy

  • A student should always notify the teacher as soon as possible if they are unable to attend a lesson.
  • If a student fails to attend a lesson, the teacher is not obliged to hold a substitute lesson.
  • If the teacher cancels the lesson for private reasons, then a substitute lesson should be arranged.
  • If the teacher cancels the lesson due to illness or work commitments, they do not need to hold a substitute lesson.
  • If the lesson is cancelled because of the teacher more than 3 times during a term, the student should have their fourth lesson replaced by a substitute lesson or by a partial reduction of the term fee.

Interruption of studies

The need to interrupt your studies must be discussed with your main subject teacher.

In basic and advanced studies, the student has the opportunity to apply for an interruption if necessary. The principal responsible for the subject may grant the right to interrupt the studies for acceptable reasons for a maximum of one academic year at a time, after hearing the student’s main subject teacher. As a rule, there may be one interruption during studies. The interruption of studies is requested in writing and addressed to the principal in charge of the subject. The principal will notify their decision to the petitioner, the student’s teachers, and the Kuula-opisto office.

A prerequisite for interrupting basic music studies is that the student has completed one course unit in their major subject. Pupils in music start-up studies are not eligible for an interruption. Exceptions may be made to the above conditions in the case of an unavoidable interruption with a medical certificate, a temporary transfer of a minor student to another place, or any other comparable justification.

In dance studies, the continuation level of a student returning from an interruption is reassessed and redefined. This may allow the student to continue their studies in a different group than before the interruption. The decision to place a student in a group is made by the teacher responsible for the teaching at the appropriate group level.

Teaching a second instrument and change of main instrument

Teaching for a second instrument is applied for annually at the same time as the student informs the Kuula-opisto that they will continue their studies for the following school year. This is made in the Kuula-opisto’s Wilma registration program. An exception is singing, where the right to study is sought through an entrance test.

Depending on the instrument, the main instrument can be changed either by participating in an entry test or by applying for an instrument replacement. The application is addressed to the principal responsible for the subject at the Kuula-opisto.