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Carefree winter vacation 2023 in the Vaasa region

Winter vacation, that long-awaited glimpse of freedom after the forever-long months of January and February. What is the best destination for the vacation? It is simply our Vaasa region.

Why go away and waste time at airports and big tourist traps, when there is a carefree destination in Ostrobothnia, where you can combine unique nature with a city holiday. Familiarize yourself with the offer and book your trip!

Do not stress over the holidays – do like Lotta.

Lotta’s everyday life is a gray mass of stress, where days filled with routines merge. When Lotta can finally go on vacation, she wants someone else to plan a carefree trip. One where you can move from one experience to another without stress and don’t visit a restaurant ravenously hungry and angry with the sweat running under your winter jacket.

Do like Lotta – avoid planning stress and choose your favorite from our travel suggestions.

Mies ja lapsi laskevat liukurilla mäkeä.

Winter vacation for the whole family

Fast-paced experiences, archipelago adventures and new experiences, which maybe even the family's teenager almost find interesting.


City break with friends

Leave the family at home and go partying. Nightlife, restaurants and music gigs are waiting for you.


A visit filled with culture

Museums, theater and pleasure for the taste buds absolutely recharge your batteries drained by everyday stress.



Carefree parking in Vaasa Toriparkki

From Toriparkki you have access to all services in the centre. Over 800 car spaces guarantee comfortable parking regardless of the weather.

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Winter activities

Even in winter, there is plenty to do in the Vaasa Region. Here are some tips on outdoor as well as indoor activities.

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Several places during the same visit

In the Vaasa region, the best bits, stories and specialties of the coast and Ostrobothnia are united.

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Travel to and in the Vaasa region

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Rokkikoulun bändi esiintyy

What's on?

Vaasa Region is filled with events, small and large, something for everyone. Choose the best pieces and enjoy the selection!

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Some more useful information