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Early childhood education

Here you find information about early childhood education (day care, pri-primary education/Preschool education and play activities in open day care centres) organizied by the city of Vaasa.

Early childhood education and care includes:

  • Day care centres
  • Family day care
  • Open day care centres
  • Municipal supplement (Vaasa allowance)


The parents must apply for a place at a day-care centre at the latest four months before they wish to place the child in day care. Exceptions are getting employed or starting studies, when the dare-care place needs to be applied for by latest two weeks before the care need occurs. The right to day-care begins when the parental funding ends and the child is affected by the compulsory education. The day care place and a place in pri-primary education as well as a place in clubs provided by open day care centers are primarily applied electronically. Finnish online banking credentials and a Finnish personal identity numbers are required to use the electronic form.

An international Group of Vaasa English Playschool

Vaasa English Playschool starts up an international child group August 1st, 2018. The group is a sibling group, for the children between ages 3 - 6.

How to apply for a place at the International Group:
Enrolment period for the International group is between April 9th - May 27th by 3.00 p.m, 2018.
You can fill in an electronical application here (during the application time).
Please notice that Vaasan kaupunki, "PRESCHOOL INTERNATIONAL" must be selected as an unit. 
Applications received outside the enrolment period or applications to the other units are not registered.

NOTICE: Electronical service will be upgraded 18th April 2018 between 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. Service is unavailable during the upgrade.

The following principles of selection apply, when choosing the children to the International Group:

  • All the international children with English language background, have a priority for the place in the group (Finnish language skills are not required, child’s family uses English in their daily communication).
  • The children are chosen in the order of their age. First priority is for the 6-year old children, then 5-year old children, 4-year old children and 3-year old children. 
  • Siblings from the same family have a priority to get a place in the group. Younger siblings have the priority to get the place if the older sibling first gets a placement.
  • There are no places available for children under age of 3 years.
  • If there are more applicants than places available, the places will be raffled.
  • All the children who have not been given a place will be placed on the waiting list, in the raffled order. In case that a place comes available during the year, places will be filled according to waiting list order.
  • The application and a possible waiting list are valid for the whole term in question.

The other two day care groups at Vaasa English Playschool are aimed at Finnish-speaking children who will learn English during the day. 

More information: Head of Services, Merja Martin, email, telephone 06 325 3124

Vaasan kaupungin varhaiskasvatussuunnitelma (Opetushallitus, eperusteet, in Finnish)
Varhaiskasvatussuunnitelman perusteet (Opetushallitus, pdf, in Finnish)

Administration for early childhood education and primary education is open on weekdays between 9.00 am - 3.00 pm.
Head of Services have a personal customer service by appointment only. To book an appointment, please contact Head of Services by email or by phone.

Please, notice our special opening hours/closing times at the administration for early childhood education and primary education

  • closed 1st July - 31st July


Visiting address: Raastuvankatu 29, 65100 Vaasa

Mailing address : PL 2, 65101 Vaasa

Contact us in Early Childhood Education (administration)

Early childood fees are based on the law about customer fees within early childhood education (1503/2016). The law came into effect March 1st 2017.
Day care is a statutory service provided by the municipality. The right to day care begins after the parental allowance period has ended and stops when the child begins compulsory education.
Kunnan järjestämä lakisääteinen, maksuton esiopetus (neljä tuntia päivässä) on tarkoitettu kaikille alle kouluikäisille lapsille vuotta ennen lapsen oppivelvollisuuden alkamista.