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Get to know Vaasa on foot

Central Vaasa is filled with fine architectural history and the buildings have many interesting stories to tell. Experience the city on foot in the footsteps of architects from different ages or jump into the world of past cultural influences. Choose a guided walk or go out and discover Vaasa on your own.

Walking routes

Guided walks (in the summer season)

  • Guided Walk - Design Vaasa

    Kauppatori, Vaasa

    Come along on a guided walk through craft shop and studios to explore local culture, arts and flavors. You will be surprised how much Vaasa has to offer! Walk is approx. 2 km long.

    Availability 2020: Wednesdays in July and August from 1 pm to 3 pm.
    Start at the tourist info kiosk at the market square.

    Book at least one day in advance!


  • Guided walk - Historical Waasa from statue to statue

    Kauppatori, Vaasa

    Guide walk in the center of Vaasa.
    During the tour you will be acquainted with Vaasa’s statues and old architecture dating back from the 1850’s on wards.

    Starting point: Finland’s Statue of Liberty in the market square.
    Tour days 2020: July-August, on Mondays at 1-2.30 pm.

    Book at least one day in advance!


  • Guided city walk - Mathilda Wrede, the views of life

    Crossroads of Rantakatu and Hovioikeudenpuistikko.

    Mathilda Wrede, who was born in Vaasa, is known both as a noble girl and as a friend of the prisoners. During the tour, we walk in the environments where Mathilda spent her childhood and youth, from the park around the Court of appeal to Vaasa Prison and at the same time, you get to hear about her life.

    Start in front of Vaasa Court of appeal, in the crossroads of Rantakatu and Hovioikeudenpuistikko.
    Time: Wednesdays in July, 5 – 6 pm

    Book at least one day in advance!


  • Guided walk at Kappelinmäki graveyard

    Kappelinmäentie 159, Vaasa

    Opastettu_Kävely_Kappelimäen hautausmaa

    Guided walk at Kappelinmäki graveyard, we walk through the graveyard and get to hear about the history of Vaasa and notable persons buried here.

    Tour dates in 2020: Tuesdays in June from 6 – 7.30 pm
    Starting Address: Kappelinmäentie 159, Vaasa

    Bookings one day in advance!

    From the city center you can take bus 7 or 9 to the starting point for the tour. You find timetables for the local buses 7 and 9 here.



  • Guided Walk at Strömsö

    Strömsöntie, Vaasa

    It’s not often that a TV show focusing on household subjects manages to generate entirely new sayings. When something doesn’t work out Finns like to say “it didn’t go like in Strömsö.” In the Strömsö TV show, all the cooking, crafts and building projects are always a success. This trip gives you the opportunity to visit the set of this Swedish
    language lifestyle show in Västervik in Vaasa.

    The guided walk provides you with information about this 100 years old villa and the surrounding buildings.

    Tour days 2020: In July Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6.30 pm and Saturdays 2-3.30 pm (not 18.7).
    Bookings at least one day in advance!

    Address: Strömsöntie, Vaasa
    No arranged transportation, but you can reach Strömsö (Västervik) with local buses number 1 and number 2.




  • Guided walk in Old Vaasa

    Kauppiaankatu 10, Vaasa


    King Charles IX established Vaasa in 1606 in the oldest harbour and merchant site of Ostrobothnia. King Charles III established Finland’s second Court of Appeal in Vaasa. Abraham Falander (later Wasastjerna) one of Finlands richest merchants owned a tobacco spinning mill and merchant house in Vaasa. The stone house built by him in 1782 is still standing all though the whole city was destroyed in a fire in 1852. This and many other stories will be told during the evening walk.

    Starting point: Falander house (Musuem of Old Vaasa), Kauppiaankatu 10.
    Time 2020: June, on Thursdays at 5-6.30 pm

    Bookings at least one day in advance!

    To get to Old Vaasa you can take the local traffic bus line number 9 or 7. You find the timetables here.


  • Guided Walk in Palosaari

    Palosaaren tori, Vaasa


    The picturesque Palosaari, home of many artists and writers, is a place worth visiting. The building of sailing ships was started by C.G.Wolff in his shipyard in the early 1800’s. The history of those times is revealed in the maritime museum. Now the seaside campus area is energetically beating for students.

    Starting place: Marketsquare at Palosaari
    Time 2020: June, on Wednesdays at 5-6.30 pm

    Bookings at least one day in advance!


  • Guided Walk in Replot

    Kyrkvägen 94, Mustasaari

    Raippaluodon kirkko - Replot kyrka

    Drive across Finland’s longest bridge to Replot and take a walk and join a guided walk in the idyllic village of Replot.

    Starting point: Replot school, Kirkkotie 94, Replot.
    Time 2020: In August on Saturdays at 1 – 2.30 pm.

    Bookings at least one day in advance!


  • Guided walk - What did Karl Hedman and Emil Wikström do in Vaasa?

    Museokatu 3, Vaasa

    Doctor Karl Hedman collected extensive collections with the intention of establishing a museum in Vaasa and he later also became one of the people who founded the Ostrobothnia Museum. His good friend, sculptor Emil Wikström’s artistic handprints are fond in Vaasa, for example in the form of the story on the museum’s bronze doors. We can also find other surprising connections to Vasa in Wikström’s background.

    Departure from in front of the Ostrobothnia Museum, Museokatu 3.
    Time 2020: Wednesdays in August 5 – 6 pm

    Book at least one day in advance.


  • Guided walk - Nature walk at the old farm Alkula

    Alkulan Tila, Gripinpolku, Vaasa

    Alkulan puisto

    At Alkula farm, next to old tobacco fields, August Alexander Levón founded the first steam mill in Finland in 1849. His enthusiastic interest in gardening has also left its marks in the nature of Alkula. The guides did a significant cultural deed when they renovated the area in 2018-2019, many places that had already fallen into oblivion were found again. Part of the tour are accessible.

    Start from the white gate at Alkula Farm.
    Time 2020: On Fridays 22.5, 12.6, 19.6, 3.7., 17.7., 31.7., 7.8. and 14.8. at 5-6.30 pm

    Bookings at least one day in advance.