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Life is supposed to be easy - Just like in Strömsö

Strömsö is a popular lifestyle show on TV. The first episode aired in 2002 and it has been the most popular show on Svenska Yle, the Swedish unit of Finland’s national broadcaster, since the beginning, making Strömsö a familiar setting for millions of Finns. The show is also aired in Sweden and Norway.

Over the years, it has become a widely known symbol of creativity throughout the country. The hosts, Elin Skagersten-Ström and Nicke Aldén, show the viewers various household activities, such as cooking, crafts and gardening.

Everything always goes comfortably according to plan on the show. It has even inspired the widely used saying “It didn’t go like in Strömsö”, which is something people say lightheartedly when things go wrong.

Strömsö is real!

The idyllic villa that serves as the set of the TV show is located in Vaasa and was built in 1852. Guided tours of the villa are available, and reservations for group visits are also accepted. The area and its beach is a favourite among local residents and tourists.

Strömsö is situated in Västervik, about 10 kilometres from the centre of Vaasa. The park area around “Villa Strömsö” is always open to visitors, the area is a fine destination for a family bicycle trip in the summer. You can also get to the villa by car or a local Vaasa city bus.

Information on guided tours and group visits is available online at:

Strömsö is also used as the venue for various special theme days, so follow Strömsö on Yle Areena and Instagram for more details.

“The secret behind Strömsö’s success is creativity, which emerges from the combination of practical skills and the joy of doing things together.”


Text published 14.2.2020

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