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Adventures in the region

If you prefer to explore paths less travelled at your own pace or if you’ve already visited the region’s traditional destinations several times, you can always find exciting new adventures in Vaasa and the surrounding region.

The Kvarken Archipelago – constantly changing and unique

The Kvarken Archipelago is Finland’s only Natural Heritage Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the archipelago, the freshness of nature, the atmosphere of idyllic villages and the rising rocky landscape are present everywhere. You cannot find anything like it anywhere else! Start your journey at the World Heritage Gateway – the visitor center, next to the longest bridge in Finland.

Replot Bridge & the World heritage gateway| Replotvägen 2, Korsholm | Listen to audio guides with stories from the Kvarken archipelago

A distillery visit filled with flavors and history

Taste malt and marvel be amazed by the distillery’s operations at Kyrö Distillery’s visitor center. Kyrö Distillery Company is a distillery that has received several international awards and has its production in an old dairy building in Isokyrö. The kitchen produces tasty portions with local food and unique cocktails.

Kyrö Visitor Center | Oltermannintie 6, IsokyröWebsite

Experience mystery and craft in Vähäkyrö

The giant’s feet, historical places to visit and always close to nature. Find Vähäkyrö’s roots through history and legends. In addition to a rich history, Vähäkyrö also is places worth visiting for those interested in crafts and nature. Read more about Vähäkyrö!

Enjoy the summer day on an archipelago cruise!

The sea breeze is constantly present in the Vaasa region’s fantastic archipelago. Cruises and boat transports offer a different way to experience the Kvarken World Heritage Site. On an archipelago cruise, you can get acquainted with the inner and outer archipelago, both of which are real paradise on a beautiful summer day. Admiring the varied nature and breathing fresh sea air is the best possible mindfulness.

Archipelago cruise almost directly from the city center

Summer vacation in Vaasa is nothing, without getting your hair tangled by the sea winds and Kala-Janne’s famous salmon soup. If you did not bring your own boat, just hop on board the M/S Tiira at the Inner Harbor. During the archipelago cruise, a stop is made at Jannes Saloon on Granskär.

Vaasa Archipelago Service |  Inner harbour, Vaasa  | Website

Archipelago cruise from the Replot Bridge

Let M/S Corina safely take you on a cruise around islands and rocks in the archipelago – you just have to sit and enjoy the views. During the two-hour cruise, starting at the Replot Bridge, you will see the barren archipelago as well as narrow straits and islands with picturesque summer cottages.

M/S Corina |Replotbron, Replotvägen 2, Korsholm | Check the route and book your cruise

West Coast Rib Charter | Molpe, Korsnäs | Book an unforgettable boat trip in Kvarken

Get to know the archipelago on a paddling trip

Do you want to easily and conveniently try to get out on the water? Vaasa kayak rentals can help realize a paddling trip in the Vaasa archipelago or in the World Heritage archipelago around Replot. Move forward at your own pace and enjoy in peace and quiet what you see, while engaging in a fun activity. NEW! Possibility to rent kayaks also at Vargis, Open Wilderness Hut in Kvarken Archipelago.

Vaasa Kayak rental | Kruunumakasiinin ranta, Vaasa | Website

The paradise for food experiences

The tropical greenhouse restaurant Linds Kök offers taste experiences beyond the ordinary. The delicacies are enjoyed in a jungle environment under fruit trees – welcome to the paradise for food experiences along highway 8.

Linds Kök | Bäcklidvägen 476, Närpes | Website

Experiences in Replot

The Replot Bridge is Finland’s longest bridge and one of the main attractions in the Vaasa region. At both ends of the bridge there is something to see and do, not to mention the fantastic views.

On Saturdays in August, the Vaasa-Korsholm guides organize guided walks in Replot village. Read more and book a place!

Arken restaurant | Byhamnvägen 194, Replot | Website

Affordable and ecological hotel accommodation for the adventurer

The adventurer also needs a good night’s sleep. Stay at the stylish and ecological GreenStar Hotel very close to central Vaasa. Borrow one of the hotel’s bicycles and set off for the adventure that awaits around the corner.

GreenStar Hotel | Myllykatu 17, Vaasa | Website

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