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Experiences for all of the senses

A summer holiday in the Vaasa region offers experiences for all senses. For those who are not in any rush during their holiday, preferring to spend their days enjoying culinary and cultural delights.

Big enough, but nice and compact – when you exit the railway station, you see a city by the sea that is full of history, feels international and is rich in culture. From the station, you can walk to the Market Square along a pedestrian street lined with restaurants. The soundscape consists of a lively mix of languages and the rustling of the linden trees, reflecting the changing seasons.

Reach the services in the center easily

In the heart of Vaasa you will find Toriparkki car park, from where you easily access service in the city center. Over 800 parking spaces guarantee you a comfortable parking regardless of the weather, and you do not have to leave the car to be roasted in the sun.

Toriparkki | Entrance: Kauppapuistikko 15 and Kauppapuistikko 10 | Website

Pastime for shopping freaks and gourmands

The Rewell Shopping Center in the heart of Vaasa offers something for everyone. The many shops, nice cafes and restaurants offer pastimes for both shopping freaks and gourmands.

Rewell | Ylätori, Vaasa | Website

New insights about needlework and delicious food

Are you a friend of needlework? Get new ideas for your upcoming works from the exhibitions in Hantverketshus Loftet. In the shop you can also buy or just admire local and Finnish handicraft products. Restaurant Loftet serves delicious food in an old, beautiful environment.

Hantverketshus Loftet | Raastuvankatu 28, Vasa | Website

Chocolate temptations, quality coffee and other delicacies

Everyone knows that a cup of steaming coffee and chocolate that melts in your mouth is the best combo for everyday delicacies. The store “Liisa Koski” has been selling chocolate of all flavors for over a hundred years. The range also includes quality coffee and tea as well as other delicacy products.

Liisa Koski 1917 | Kauppapuistikko 12, Vaasa | Website

Get to know Vaasa on foot

Experience the city on foot in the footsteps of architects from different ages or jump into the world of past cultural influences. Choose a guided walk or go out and discover Vaasa on your own.

City of Pizzas

Did you know that Kotipizza, the largest chain of pizza restaurants in the Nordic region, was founded in Vaasa over 30 years ago? In Vaasa’s many pizzerias, you can find a different kind of pizza for every day of your visit.

Pizzas in Åland-style makes your mouth water

Niska Vaasa is located in beautiful premises that has served as a grocery store for many Vaasa residents since the 50s. In addition to the Åland ”flatbread” pizzas, we also serve lunch on weekdays, the menu changes every week. In the summer we also serve food and drinks on our fantastic terrace outside the restaurant.

Niska Vaasa | Hovioikeudenpuistikko 13, VaasaWebsite

Restaurants within elevator distance

Hotel Vaakuna is a good accommodation option for the Gourmet traveler – the hotel has three restaurants: Venn, Rosso and SKY bar & Terrace! So there is always a suitable alternative – without compromise – regardless of whether if the stomach requires a whole dinner or just a little taste. The evening then continues on the 9th floor where you can admire the view of the city from the terrace at SKY Bar & Terrace!

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Vaasa | Kauppakeskus Rewell 101, Vaasa | Website

Dinner and cocktails

Versatile and oh so delicious Brasserie & Bar Fondis is an excellent choice for dinner and cocktails! In the restaurant, which serves in the absolute core center, you can enjoy classics with a modern twist, made from local ingredients. During the high summer, Fondis is also open on Sundays. On the sunny terrace by the pedestrian street, it is nice to sit and follow the hustle and bustle of the city.

Brasserie & Bar Fondis | Hovioikeudenpuistikko 15, VaasaWebsite

Brewery in a pleasant environment

Friends of beer who visit the Vaasa Region must definitely not miss Bock’s Corner Brewery! Taste beer from the brewery in the Gastropub and on the á la carte menu you will find everything from small snacks to complete dinner menus. The sun always shines in Vaasa and it is used at Bock’s. Most of the electricity is obtained from our own solar panels. By consuming in the right place, you can reduce your climate impact.

Bock’s Corner Brewery | Gerbyntie 16, Vaasa | Website

Take a city tour by bike!

Rent a bicycles from the Visit Vaasa summer information point on the market square. Jump on the bike saddle and visit the city’s sights.

Visit Vaasan summer information | Vaasa market squareWebsite

For lovers of art and history

There are fantastic cultural attractions in the Vaasa region, full of exciting stories of the past. The region’s museums and monuments recall both daily life and major turning points in history. Read more about these attractions!

Rest your senses

After a day filled with experiences, it is wonderful to crawl between the sheets in the hotel bed. The Vasa region offers accommodation in different price ranges as the feet need to rest.

EC Hostel | Korsholmanpuistikko 2 B, Vaasa Website

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