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Avantouimarit naiset

Senior Citizens

People are happy, the sun shines and everything runs smoothly. Services for senior citizens include communal senior club activities, sports services, practical meetings and day-club activities in the service home units.

Services for senior citizens

  • Cashier Services

    Invoices from the City of Vaasa can be paid at Citizen Service Points in cash or by using the most common debit and credit cards without a service charge.

  • Digital support and guidance to online services

    Digital Support is ready to help you and give you advice on how to use a computer, a mobile phone, a tablet computer or the digital government services. The Digital Support services are designed to teach the citizens the skills and knowledge they need to use digital devices and digital government services safely and independently.

  • Nature Film Festival Vaasa Wildlife

    Vaasa Wildlife Festival has been organized every two years in Vaasa since 2002 and it is an international nature film festival hosting a film competition.

  • Public Services Vaasa - Citizen Services

    The service advisors at Citizen Services are there to help you and guide you through City of Vaasa’s administration and other areas of public administration. If you are unsure which department you need to contact in different situations, the advisors will help you find the relevant information.





Vaasa receives a national award for Helppari and elderly care assistant activities

The City of Vaasa’s Helppari and elderly care assistant activities have been awarded the national Vuoden Vanhusteko award (an annual award for the best action...


The city wants its residents to get involved in doing good deeds

The "Year of Good Deeds" is a happiness initiative created and implemented by the City of Vaasa to promote the happiness of people living in Vaasa and to spark...