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Coordinates for home coziness in Korsnäs

Do you like gardening, handicrafts or interior design? Do you want to find new inspiration for home coziness, “hygge” – or what you now want to call everything you can do at home? Go on an excursion to Korsnäs!


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Korsnäs is an idea bank for home coziness, as it has been trendy to work with your hands and create a pleasant atmosphere in the municipality for a long time in history. The traditional Korsnäs sweater is perhaps the most famous symbol of the Korsnäs identity also out in the world. Its roots go back to the middle of the 19th century when it represented a real fashion novelty in Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia. What is then special about the Korsnäs sweater? It combines both crochet and knitting. In addition, colorfulness and abundant patterns are typical of the sweater. If you are interested in needlework and want to immerse yourself in the secrets of the traditional sweater, it pays off to visit Korsnäs local history museum “Korsnäs hembygdsmuseum”.


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💙50 shades of blue ~ 50 nyanser av blått💙

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The village Harrström and its fishing port is also worth visiting. The area belongs to the built cultural environments of national interest that are defined by the Finnish Heritage Agency, but in addition to the official status, there is also much else to see and experience in the village. The boathouses in the fishing harbor as well as the protective sea bays calm the mind and inspire those who like art painting to immortalize the ever-changing life of the sea. Those looking for inspiration in calmer currents can visit the Harrström ån  stream that runs through the village, and Harrström’s activity park offers a diverse pastime for children. Do not forget the old stone bridge and the windmills from the end of the 19th century!


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I Skepp & Skoj-parken i Harrström är det både roligt och smarrigt att vara! #byainfluencer #aktionösterbotten #harrström

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Before the home again attracts those who like home coziness, it pays to visit Korsnäs Handelsträdgård. Buy the best pieces of the large greenhouses’ flower splendor and rows of plants. In Korsnäs, gardening is also many people’s favorite occupation, and when you travel in the municipality, you can politely look at the gardens to get inspiration.

Nu packar jag se sista för i år. Passa på och fynda för 5,-/kasse. Finns att hämtas vid KHT dygnet runt. Fyller på vartefter så länge blommor finns.

Julkaissut Korsnäs Handelsträdgård Ab Keskiviikkona 10. kesäkuuta 2020

Another little tip for a bombproof nostalgia moment. Even if the car’s fuel gauge would not yet show that the petrol is running low, stop at the small petrol station in Molpe. The charm of the past decades inspires new stories on the way home as if by itself.


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As your travel guide in Korsnäs, Raymond Wesander.

Text published 17.6.2020.

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  • Beaches in Korsnäs


  • Harrström old fishing harbour

    Sjötået 45, Korsnäs

    Harrström old fishing harbour, a Place full of life during the summer months. Close to the harbour a small museum about how a fisherman’s family lived ine the turn of the century 1800-1900.


  • Harrströms old stone bridge

    Gamla Strandvägen 161, Korsnäs

    An old stonde bridge built in 1898.

  • Korsnäs Local Museum

    Kyrkobyvägen 32, Korsnäs

    The Korsnäs Local Museum premises today include the old hired hand’s cottage, the windmill, the forge, three rooms in the loft building, and the parish granary across the road. The beautiful museum yard serves as a place for festivities, demonstrations of handicrafts, and games.
    The Korsnäs sweater, a special kind of sweater made and used in Korsnäs during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, has experienced quite a renaissance in the last few decades. It is a unique piece of clothing, mainly because it has both crocheted and knitted sections in bright colors. The museum’s collection is comprised of several Korsnäs sweaters of earlier and later origin. The oldest is from 1864.

    +358 50 351 9488

  • Strand-Mölle

    Sjövägen (Molpe) 271, Molpe

    Our restaurant is beautifully located by the sea in the small village of Molpe, about 40 km south of Vaasa.

    Here you can enjoy locally produced food with the finest ingredients in the form of à la carte, pizza and lunch. To drink we recommend our own beer Svallka, one of the good wines in our wine list, or why not a fresh, international drink? Quality, genuine ingredients and food free from additives are important to us. Close cooperation with local producers guarantees that the food we serve is always fresh and benefits the local region.

    Warm welcome to us at the restaurant by the sea!

    +358 6 347 67 54


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