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Vähäkyrö - Idyllic places, history and scenic views

Vähäkyrö is a calming destination only 30 minutes from Vaasa city center. There is something for everyone in Vähäkyrö. Alongside the Kyrö river you can visit a strawberry farm, a summer cafe, museums and a historic mill in the Merikaarto area.

Here are seven destinations to visit in Vähäkyrö:

Jarmo Valtari strawberry farm

At the farm you can pick your own strawberries in a scenic landscape alongside Kyrö River. You can also buy fresh vegetables like peas, carrots, onions and potatoes at the farm.

Address: Jokivarsitie 501, 66500 Vähäkyrö

Erkkilä Windmill

Erkkilä bought the beautiful windmill in the 19th century. The mill was in active use up until the 1930s. The historic windmill was moved to it´s current location in 1988. On the fields near the mill you can also spot some cows!

Address: Kokkomäentien

Fyrry – The Tinsmith Museum

The museum presents Vähäkyrös unique tin tradition that goes all the way back to the 18th century. You can learn how and with what kind of tools tin plate artefacts are made.

Address: Merikaarrontie 5, 66500 Vähäkyrö

Cafe Kanttorila

An idyllic summercafe where you can look at an art exhibition, enjoy an ice cream or pastry and pet the cute lambs.

Address: Merikaarrontie 5

Vähäkyrö church

The Vähäkyrö church was built in 1803. Jaako Rijf drew the original plan of the church. During renovations in 1937 the church got a different tower that was drawn by Artturi Ortela.

Address: Kirkonsilta 2, 66500 Vähäkyrö

Vähäkyrö local history museum

At the museum you can learn about everyday life in Vähäkyrö through a wide range of historical objects.

Address: Kirkonsilta 6, 66500 Vähäkyrö

Seppälä mill & Merikaarto bridge

The Seppälä mill is located on the northern bank of the Kyrö river. Previously, there were mills on both sides of the river. The Seppälä mill has had many owners, nowadays it is owned by Vähäkrö-seura. Drive over the beautiful Merikaarto bridge on your way home.

Address: Jokivarsitie, 66510 Vähäkyrö

  • Vähänkyrö church

    Heikkiläntie 6, Lillkyro

    The church in Vähäkyrö was built 1799-1803.

  • Vähäkyrö Museum

    Kirkonsilta 6, Vähäkyrö

    The Vähäkyrö Museum is situated in an old loan magazine on the brink of the Kyrö river. The exhibition recounts life in the old times, and it has been divided into various themes, for instance the birth of children, spiritual life, agriculture and wartime. The entrepreunership of the Vähäkyrö people can be seen in the collections, and the museum also offers an extensive view on the history of Vähäkyrö.

    The items in the museum depict the everyday life of peasants in the days of the past. There are fishing instruments, sleighs, agriculture and platers’ tools. An especially interesting collection displays possibly the oldest midwife’s equipment in Finland, and birth in the old time is represented in the exhibition. The exhibition is supplemented by a nurse’s uniform from the 1950s, by rattles, children’s books and cradles. Wash basins, which were included in the maternity package, were for a long time manufactured in Vähäkyrö. The first midwife of the region, Hilja Solkela, worked in Vähäkyrö in 1927-1958.

  • Café Kanttorila

    Merikaarrontie 5, Vähäkyrö

    A summer café has been opened in the 200 year old Kanttorila on Kirkonmäki in Vähäkyro. In Café Kanttorila you can enjoy coffee and coffee bread in a wonderful cultural surrounding, which among others hosts a home region and school museum. Nearby you will also find some signs of the area’s inhabitants during the Iron Age.

    Warmly Welcome!

    +358 40 578 4043


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