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Korsholm is the number one destination for wellness tourists

Clean nature, calm, healthy food, treating yourself and allowing yourself to enjoy the small things is in all its simplicity the key to wellbeing. Korsholm offers excellent conditions for wellness tourism. The locals get energy from the sea, nature and other natural resources all year long and long-distance visitors are wise to reserve enough time to enjoy this without haste.


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For most people, Korsholm is the sea and the nature around it. Amazing outdoors attraction and the Unesco world heritage are often captured on social media. Svedjehamn, Sommarösund and other attractions are like daily changing reality TV because there is always something new for senses to enjoy. Try climbing up the Saltkaret tower on a hot summer day and then again when the pouring rain is falling down your neck from the hood of your rain jacket on another day. They are two completely different experiences, but which one is better?

Svedjehamn Unescon Maailmanperintöalueella on loistava paikka koko perheen retkeilyyn ja evästelyyn.

Näyttävä, tummaksi…

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Try climbing up the Saltkaret tower on a hot summer day and then again when the pouring rain is falling down your neck from the hood of your rain jacket on another day. They are two completely different experiences, but which one is better?

The diversity of the town that spreads around Vaasa in many directions might get ignored if you are only focusing in the world heritage area in Replot. In many places around the town, you can’t see the sea even using binoculars. Söderfjärden, Sulva, Tuovila, Sepänkylä, Koivulahti and Karperö are all located in mainland and offer many of those small, wellbeing-increasing experiences.


Here are some tips:

1.Söderfjärden. Get to know the lowland formed by a meteorite for 520 million years ago. Visit the Meteoria and climb the tower there. Go back in the autumn and observe the cranes resting there on their way to migrate over the winter.

Meteoria & Söderfjärden ett unikt besöksmål. En del av Österbottens historia. Meteoriihi ja Söderfjärden ainutlaatuinen…

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2.Sulva. The attractions of the lovely village are the adorable wooden church and the Stundars outdoors museum. Finne farm and Ines market sell fresh vegetables and other groceries. In Bella Sandvik, you can get a relaxing pedicure or a hot stone massage.

Lite påfyllning i InesMarket med de första godsakerna från växthuset 😋

Vähän herkkuja kasvihuoneelta löytyy jo …

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3.In the village of Tuovila, you can adore the second oldest museum bridges. The rock bridge, completed in 1781, crosses over Laihia river that locals call the Tuovila river. Counting the bricks of the bridge and following the stream of the river are enough mindfulness for one day.

4. For families with children, a trip around all the several playgrounds in Koivulahti and the Karperö beach, where instead of the sea, you can swim in a lake. The track next to the Botnia hall offers a challenge to even the fittest, especially if you make it a race between the family.


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5.You are what you eat; wellbeing and food can’t be separated. Korsholm offers great dining opportunities and restaurants, whose owners have carefully chosen their way of making their dreams a reality. The reputations of the Arken perch files and the Kalle’s Inn salmon have reached way abroad the boarders of the region. The Viking Partiies of the Sulva kestikievari are a classic. In Björko Handel, you can have a coffee and pick up something local to take for home. The Kvarken Brewery brews local beer. If you make a short turn to Vaasa’s side in Sulva, you will end up in the Nelimarkka winery in Sundom; turns out it is not impossible to grow grapevines in Finland!

No matter whether you are interesting in highway riding, mountain biking or just getting from one place to another, riding a bike is the way to go if you are interested in wellbeing. However, if you are travelling with family and in a hurry, it is easy to get around in a car too. The key is to leave enough time for all the different experiences. Stop the car every time you spot something interesting from the car window!

Boating is a topic of its own, because an adventure around the archipelago is an experience worth to spend a separate trip on! Time loses its meaning in the islands Valsörarna and Ritgrund and the zen moment is easier to achieve than anywhere else.


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As your travel guide in Korsholm, Raymond Wesander.

Text published 9.6.2020.

  • Meteoria Söderfjärden

    Marenintie 294, Vaasa

    Söderfjärdenin Meteoriihi

    Meteoria Söderfjärden is a unique visiting centre in the middle of the most beautiful meteorite crater in Finland

    • An advanced exhibition telling  a long story of at least 520 million years of Söderfjärden
      – from an impact crater to the agricultural and Natura 2000 area of today
    • A well-equipped astronomical observatory with a telescope for studies of celestial bodies millions of light years out into the universe
    • A bird-watching tower in the middle of the most important resting area for cranes in Finland
    • A cafeteria in an old treshing barn
    • A model of our solar system, a model of the crater an a timeline of earths history: TellusTimeLine
    • An energy cellar – own production of renewable energy: solar and wind
    • An exhibition with unique meteorites and an exhibition with old farming machinery

    The exhibition is open for individuals and small groups during the opening hours. An exhibition tour on other hours than the usual opening hours, can easily be arranged for bigger groups simply by booking online.

    A certified crater guide is always present on normal opening hours and other hours, if booked in advance.

    The bird watching tower and the exhibition outside the building is available free of charge, every hour per day and every day per year.

    +358 50 556 5199


  • Kvarken Brewery

    Klobbskatvägen 185, Mustasaari

    A Microbrewery located in the Kvarken World Heritage area, on the Replot-Island, Klobbskat harbour.

    Started in 2017 with a simple vision of creating tasty beer with the clean water found in our World-Heritage “approved” archipelago. At end of 2018 we have created 6 base beers and 3 seasonals. Welcome to try a refreshing experience, hidden inside the bottle.

    Why not come and try our beers in our Gastropub & pizzeria in Replot village in the Kvarken Archipelago.
    Read more about the Gastropub here.

    +358 40 352 4297


  • Replot bridge

    Replotvägen 1, Korsholm

    Raippaluodon silta on Suomen pisin silta.

    Let the Replot bridge lead you to the northern part of the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area!

    The bridge is 1045 metres long which makes it the longest bridge in Finland. By the bridge, park your car at the parking area by the Restaurant and Café Berny’s, walk up to the bridge and take in the scenery. Visit also the World Heritage Gateway in the same premises with the restaurant. There you can get tips for your trip to the archipelago.

    The bridge opened in 1997 and Martti Ahtisaari and Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson, the previous presidents of Finland and Iceland, attended the opening on the 27th of August. The bridge replaced ferries and thousands of people cross the bridge every day. The pylons rise 82,5 meters above sea level and the clearance height for boats is 26 meters.

    Photo: Esa Siltaloppi/ES Visuals

  • Restaurant Arken

    Byhamnvägen 194, Korsholm

    Summer Restaurant by the boat harbour of Replot.
    Restaurant and café, terrace. Delicious food. For groups, 10-100 persons, popular fish table and group menus. Popular fish sandwiches and fresh buns with coffee.

    • Situated by the sea, in the middle of the Kvarken Archipelago
    • Swimming beach close by
    • View to the Replot Bridge

    +358 50 5333 765


  • Saltkaret

    Svedjehamn, Korsholm

    Observation Tower Saltkaret

    The impressive, tar coloured Saltkaret raises to over 20 meters height in the World heritage area of Kvarken Archipelago. The tower, located in the fish harbour Svedjehamn, offers a beautiful view over the De Geer-moraines. This unique moraine archipelago affirms the enormous power of the last ice age in the Kvarken Archipelago.

    The visible area from the tower is a perfect example of the De Geer areas in Finland. The tower also pleases many bird-watchers, as many of the typical bird species of the island can be spotted in the area, such as black coots, terns and sea eagles. The wooden observation tower is also an excellent intermediate stopping point for hikers, because it is located directly by the hiking trail. You can reach the lower level of the tower also with prams or wheelchairs.

    Driving directions to Saltkaret:

    Saltkaret is located in Svedjehamn, which is in the municipality of Korsholm, about 40-45 minutes drive northwest from the centre of Vaasa. From Vaasa: drive on road number 742 (Alskatvägen/Alskatintie) north towards Replot (Raippaluoto) approximately 20 kilometres. After Replot continue straight on road 7240 (Replotvägen/Björkövägen OR Raippaluodontie/Björköntie) approximately 20 kilometres and you’ll arrive to Svedjehamn harbour where the road ends.

    There is a free parking place in Svedjehamn. The observation tower can already be seen from the harbour and the parking place. Next to the parking place there is an information sign about the Björkö-Panike hiking trail. The observation tower is located by this trail; about 600 metres walk from the parking place.

    You can find the map of the area and further information from excursion map.


  • Solf church

    Västersolfvägen 12, Solf

    Wooden church from 1786.

    +358 6 344 2206

  • Stundars museum village

    Stundarsvägen 5, Korsholm

    Stundars is a large open-air museum in Solf village, about 15 kilometers south from Vaasa. The museum tells the stories of what life was like for the peasantry, craftsmen and lower social classes on the Swedish-speaking countryside, from Oravais in the north to Pörtom in the south, during the period of 1870-1920. The museum village have about 70 buildings including a country shop, a school, a farmstead, and crofters’ cottages.

    Come see where the Ostrobothnian forefathers slept, ate and laughed – how did they really fit in the short bunkbeds? Maybe we’ll have an old-time washing day when you visit, or maybe we’ve made coffee over the fire and you’ll get a cup? Or maybe you’d just like to stroll around the picturesque museum village in your own pace and maybe, just maybe hear the grey timber walls whispering of times gone by…?

    The Stundars Open-Air Museum area is open for recreation all year round, but during the summer season the cottages of the museum village are open every day. Outside opeing hours you are free to take a stroll in the open-air museum, but the cottages will be closed.

    Stundars’ museum village offers an opportunity to walk through historical landscapes, next to farms, village schools, and crofters’ cabins. Through Stundars it is easy to walk further to the Söderfjärden hiking trail, to explore the former wetlands in the giant meteor crater, as well as climb up the bird-watching tower. The Stundars trail is also a part of the pilgrim’s way St Olav Ostrobothnia. We welcome you to enjoy a walk through dog-friendly Stundars.

    On Thursdays during autumn, winter and spring, there are free guided tours and other activities at the museum from 12 to 3 pm, as advertised. You can find a more detailed program in our calendar, and on our Facebook-page and Instagram account. During the Museum-Thursdays, there is free entrance.


    +358 6 5709 9000


  • The gems of the archipelago

    Kvarkens skärgård, Vaasa


    One of the Kvarken’s specialties is definitely the De Geer moraines, or washboard moraines, that form clear streaks in the scenery. You can see these formations best from the observation tower Saltkaret or along the Bodvattnet nature trail.

    Is it difficult to choose which place to visit in the Kvarken? Here is some tips of the archipelago’s gems for you!


  • The old stone bridge in Toby

    Tobyvägen 532, Toby

    The stone bridge at Toby is the second oldest stone bridge still in use in Finland. With its twin arches, its 85 m length and 5,5 m width, it is a fine example of the bridge-building techniques of the 18th century.

Vaasa regions hidden strawberry fields