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Vörå and Oravais – At the fountain of happy life

In the village of Vörå the recipe for a good life combines well-being for body and soul. An expression that originates from ancient Greece reads: A healthy mind in a healthy body. After spending a day combining exercise, sports and culture in Vörå, a visitor is sure to have gained energy for a long time to come.

It is easy to move back in time with a visit to the museum area of Kimo Ironworks, which in 1792 was Finland’s most productive ironworks. The KB-labeled iron was transported by own schooners from Oravais to Stockholm’s iron square (located in the current Old Town). From Stockholm, the iron was exported to the rest of Europe. Kimo ironworks is today a living cultural center where the old ironworks environment and scenic park area meet the present. It offers many opportunities for activity, recreation, rest and recreation.

Fortunately, you can just as quickly return to the present, albeit with a somewhat nostalgic mood. Vörå City Cafe has served its customers for decades and for several generations, and has maintained its position as a strawberry place for successful coffee breaks. You can also buy food from Oravais Rökeri, whose charcuterie products are guaranteed to be domestic and ethically produced.

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Julkaissut Raymond Wesander Perjantaina 8. toukokuuta 2020

You can get acquainted with different statues, ie. different kinds of rocks and their secrets, in Oravais just off the E8 highway. After the round, you can enjoy some snacks or coffee in the café next door.

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Julkaissut Raymond Wesander Perjantaina 8. toukokuuta 2020

But what about the body culture then? Go to Vörå outdoor area. There you can hike, roller ski or play golf on the golf course next by. Vörå golf course is also excellent for beginners. The sports center also has a ski jumping hill. If you are hesitant to try ski jumping, you can climb to the top of the jumping tower to admire the landscape, and you can safely go down by the stairs. There are even more exercise places and sports opportunities, and you will find extensive information about the services on Vörå municipality’s web site. However, it is always wise to bring a football, swimsuit and jogging shoes in the car so that it is easy to enjoy the exercise opportunities that arise.


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As your trvael guide in Vörå and Oravais, Raymond Wesander.

Text published 29.5.2020.
Revised 12.5.2022

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