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We offer families early childhood education in daycare centres, family daycare facilities and open daycare activities according to family needs. Vaasa is a pioneer of Swedish immersion education. Early childhood education is also offered in English. Basic art education is offered in seven different artistic disciplines, and children and adolescents can be active in clubs, camps and free family sports. There are over 80 playgrounds in the city, which are fun meeting and recreation grounds for all ages!

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Schools start in Vaasa on 15 August

Vaasa primary schools start on Monday, 15 August, 2022. Basic education is arranged for all pupils as face-to-face classroom learning in accordance with the...

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Young people do 10 good deeds for Vaasa residents

The award-winning Gutsy Go community method, which strengthens the wellbeing of young people, will be put into effect for the first time in Vaasa in May. All...