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Wasaline takes you across the Kvarken strait every day

Two countries, two cities and the beautiful Kvarken Archipelago in between. Wasaline carries hundreds of passengers between Umeå and Vaasa every day with its ferry M/S Wasa  Express offering a variety of restaurants and events. The special ambience attracts people onboard the ferry over and over again. The secret behind the unique atmosphere is a
combination of the best parts of the Finnish and the Swedish culture with an international twist.

One way to feel the atmosphere is to learn more about the delicious food served in the restaurants on board. The delicious, high quality ingredients carefully selected by the chefs come from local producers on both sides of the Kvarken and are served in the à la carte restaurant, café and the Archipelago Buffet. The seafood delicacies served as starters are the highlight of the entire voyage for many people, while others are delighted by the wide range of desserts offered. The beautiful scenery of the Kvarken Archipelago makes every meal a one of-a-kind experience.

Shopping is another essential part of the Ferry trip. It’s always fun to make great finds in the shop on board. In addition to the usual perfumes, sweets and cosmetics, there are also other interesting and surprising products
for sale — and of course gifts and souvenirs. The cruise programme on board is inspired by both sides of the Kvarken. Enjoy a daytime dance with live music and guest artists or belt out your favourite song at the karaoke.

For children, the sea voyage in itself is a memorable experience. There are daily children’s programme on board at the ship mascot Wenni is on hand to delight young passengers during the summer season. The panoramic windows are
great for spotting idyllic lighthouse islands along the route while the sun deck is a perfect place on sunny days to wave at boats passing by. If the children get tired of the scenery spotting, the playroom on deck 7 is worth a visit or play a fun Air Hockey tournament with the family outside the playroom. At the end, the nearly 4-hour cruise will feel much too short!

Checklist for your sea voyage

  • Spot a white-tailed eagle from the ship’s windows
  • Give Wenni the mascot a big hug
  • Taste the local delicacies of the Kvarken area
  • Ask the bartender to recommend a cocktail
  • Find out what kind of an animal Wenni is

Published 14.2.2020


For information on schedules, programme details and special themes, please visit


Finland +358 20 771 6810
Sweden +46 90 185 200


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