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Tietoa koronaviruksesta

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Flowers in the Shadow

Artikkelin kategoriat: Museot ja näyttelyt

Art exhibition by Oscar Hagen _ 2-17.11.2019, OPENING Friday 1.11 from 19 to 21

The exhibition FLOWERS IN THE SHADOW is about abstract spontaneous expressions of the subconscious through colours and lines. Oscar Hagen is working from a meditative state, where a spontaneous visual language takes over and express itself trough Hagens subconscious movements in the hand as he paint. Inner landscapes of the mind takes form on the paper just like flowers are taking form when they flourish. Without knowing where the process is going it ends up being a form of therapy, where feelings and emotions express themselves through the subcouncious, like flowers in the shadow. The exhibition contains new works from 2019 where Hagen is using watercolour and ink on paper.

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