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Tietoa koronaviruksesta

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Leap UNIT: Jori Hulkkonen, Torolf Stendik

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Spaceship UNIT 5 lands to Fontana. In charge of this mission is the Man of the Final Hour, Mr. Jori Hulkkonen!

With releases over 25 years exploring 360 degrees on the musical radar, he’s been hailed as ”the most underrated producer in the world”, ”living legend of electronic composition” and ”music’s best kept secret”.

As a DJ Jori has travelled across the globe ever since the mid 90’s and played hundreds of clubs and festivals from Australia to Zurich -and every alphabet in-between -spreading the vibe with his unique blend of house and techno, fuelled by insatiable curiosity about the music’s future and profound understanding of its past.

2019 saw Jori touring live as a solo act for the first time since 2011, and beginning a series of minialbums on his own Blanco & Tinto label, the first being the synth pop heavy “Eurodisiac” followed by the deep house of “Half in the Bag.”

As a Co-Pilot on this Galactic Voyage we present Torolf Stendik! His Live sorcery will fuel up the Rocket and take us through the wormhole of The Undergroung Sound of West Coast Finland.

White Room will be operated by UNIT’s own resident Cadets. They’ll be providing some serious Sensory Stimulation with Techno Beams and House Waves.