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Kansainväliset verkostot ja tahot

The city of Vaasa is involved in a few strategically selected international networks.

Today, the city of Vaasa is involved in the following:  Merenkurku neuvosto EAYYUnion of Baltic  Cities  (since 1996)  and  Smart  Cities  and  Communities  (since 2014). 

The Covenant  of  Mayors  was launched by the European Commission to support local authorities’ efforts to implement a sustainable energy policy. The city of Vaasa has signed the  Covenant of  Mayors  2014. In the agreement, the city undertakes to increase both energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in the city area. The goal is to reduce greenhouse emissions by 20% by 2020, according to the plan. In March  2017, the  Covenant  of  Mayors  Office approved  the City of Vaasa’s Sustainable  Energy Action Plan (SEAP).  

Vaasa was accepted as the only Finnish city  for the Energy  Transition  partnership within the framework of the Urban Agenda for the EU in the summer of 2017. The Urban Agenda for  the  EU consolidates cooperation between member countries in the field of urban development.  

The Federation of Ostrobothnia  is an important guardian and, together with three other provincial federations, maintains the EU office in Brussels, the West Finland European Office , which is an important channel for monitoring issues towards the EU.