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Tanssioppilaat pitävät tanssipariaan kädestä kiinni esityksen aikana.

The project Skapa i Vasaregionen

The aim of the project is to improve the accessibility and equality of art education for children and young people as well as to increase the range of art education.

The project Skapa i Vasaregionen has been granted 62,000 euros for the year 2023 and 270,000 euros for the years 2024-2026 by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. 

Art education for special groups, Literary Arts and collaboration across municipal borders

The project focuses on well-being, creativity, and clarification of structures. The aim is to increase the accessibility of art education, enable the teaching of special groups, open the doors to the world of Literary Arts and develop study paths across municipal borders. Through various forms of cooperation, we also strive to expand job opportunities for art educators. Competent art educators are needed in Vaasa and by offering permanent job opportunities qualified personnel can be employed.

From the city of Vaasa, the institutes for basic art education, TaiKon and Kuula-opisto, are participating in the project.  


  • Autio Sannasirkku, principal, Alma
  • Wiik Mia, vice principal Alma, TaiKon
  • Holmström Tomas, principal, Kuula institute
  • Jaakkola Ronnie, principal, Music institute Legato
  • Sirén-Aura Monica, member of the Vaasa City Council
  • Hautio Nina, project coordinator


Project Coordinator Nina Hautio