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Runeberginviikko: The Winter is Past

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Keskustelu Helen ja David Westonin sekä Alasdair Pollickin välillä musikkikahvila After Eightillä pe 7.2 klo. 19.00

David was a Benedictine abbot in the south of England and Helen was a novice nun in a neighbouring religious community, struggling with the prospect of taking life vows. They met at a residential project in South London and fell in love. Helen left her community five months later and they corresponded in secret for four years until David made the decision to leave his community and start a new life with Helen.

The Winter is Past is the story of their love, from their first meeting to their marriage, written by Helen and using David’s letters to tell his side of the story. David went on to have a second career in the church, ending up as a Canon of Carlisle Cathedral and Helen went on to become a teacher and a therapist. They are both published authors and have two grown-up sons.

Helen was teacher-secretary at the English Club of Jakobstad in 1972 and she and David will be interviewed by Alasdair Pollock, Jakobstad/Pietarsaari English Club chairman and former English teacher-secretary. The conversation will be in English.

After Eight, Friday 7.2, 19.00. free entrance.
The event is arranged as a co-work with the English Club of Jakobstad.