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Tietoa koronaviruksesta

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Ubiquity - art exhibition by Amanda Hellryd

Artikkelin kategoriat: Museot ja näyttelyt

OPENING - 9.12 at 17:30

“Ubiquity” presented at Black Box Genesis shows new developed work during Hellryd’s artist in residency at Stundars Museum. Hellryd’s work interrogates the notion of the grid and terrain, combining a systematic response to nature with a sensorial experience of the body. Her work evokes the tangibility of moving across land according to the grid, at the same time investigating the organic systems nature itself possess. The works use materials such as rope, steel wire and clay to create new trajectories and speaking of a language based on tangibility, temporality and intensity. Furthermore, the material language speaks of substructure and corresponds to the mundane actions humans make use of to preserve the landscape, highlighting the small gestures and discourses – both present and absent.

Amanda Hellryd (1993, Malmö) is an artist based in London and Malmö and works with sculpture, installation and performance. She is currently Artist in Residence at Stundars Museum in Solf, Korsholm.