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1/2023 Invest in Vaasa konseptointi ja kehittämishanke Vaasa Facilita OY

Invest in Vaasa conceptualization and development project

The goal of the city of Vaasa and the Vaasa region is to remain a significant actor in the field of energy technology on European level and to further increase its importance by 2030.
The development and growth of the EnergyVaasa cluster requires establishments of new companies and investments in the area.

The project promotes the development of the industry in Vaasa region and the achievement of the goal of carbon neutrality.
During the project, conditions will be created especially for the establishment of investments in the region that strengthen the EnergyVaasa cluster.

Investments are promoted especially in relation to energy storage, hydrogen technology, offshore wind power, operators of the clean battery value chain located in GigaVaasa and the
industrial and the services of the ICT sector that support them.
The result of the project is an efficient and productive Invest in Vaasa concept.

A plan has been drawn up for the operations, rules of the game and the networked way of working works efficiently. Through the project, a wide range of actors in the region have been
committed to the activities. Operators in the region and those planning to establish themselves have access to a material bank that facilitates access to information. From the perspective of those planning to locate in the Vaasa region, the operations are easy,
agile and safe.

The project is implemented as part of the Vaasa innovation ecosystem agreement. www.vaasa.fi/innovaatioekosysteemisopimus

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