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Elina Warstas utställning Takaa vuorten, maitten, merien cirkulerar i biblioteken i Mellersta Österbotten 3.4–17.11.2024.  

Artikelkategorier: Museer och utställningar

Takaa vuorten, maitten, merien – konstkeramik och dioramor med havsmotiv av Elina Warsta.

The K. H. Renlund Museum-produced touring exhibition From beyond the mountains, lands and seas highlights the artistic work of Elina Warsta, known as a versatile illustrator, and depicts stories in a three-dimensional way. The exhibition will tour around Central Ostrobothnian libraries from the 3rd of April to the 17th of November 2024.

The exhibition as a whole consists of maritime-inspired patterned ceramics and pictorial dioramas built inside various kinds of boxes. The works of the artist, who has loved being by the sea since childhood, function as miniature worlds, into which the viewer can dive in and where moods, memories and fantasies come alive. The narrative aspect of the works is derived not only from Warsta’s background as an illustrator, but also from associations related to the sea: its mystique, unpredictability, and the calming quality of the sea. 

The works in the exhibition embody the unique relationship between shape, surface and illustration, and their ability to influence how art is viewed and experienced. The layout of the touring exhibition will be adapted to fit the space of the different libraries and will bring Warsta’s works to be experienced widely throughout Central Ostrobothnia. The exhibition will also include art workshops led by the artist, which will be held in Lohtaja, Ullava and Kaustinen.  

Exhibition schedule:

Lohtaja library 3rd April–2nd May  
Art workshop 3rd April  

Toholampi library 8th May–9th June  

Kannus library 11th June–4th August  

Ullava library 6th August–8th September  
Art workshop 13th August  

Lestijärvi library 10th September–13th October  

Kaustinen library 15th October–17th November  
Art workshop 7th November