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28.9.2018 - 16:43

”Lemming - The Little Giant Of The North” vann Vaasa Wildlife Festivalens naturfilmstävling

Lemming - The Little Giant Of The North, Zoltan Török
Den internationella juryn har valt ungraren Zoltan Töröks film ”Lemming – The Little Giant Of The North” till vinnare av Vaasa Wildlife Festival. Filmen som handlar om lämmeln vann även serien för naturvetenskapliga filmer. Alla vinnande filmer visas gratis för allmänheten söndag 30.9 kl. 12–20 i Vasa huvudbiblioteks Dramasal.

Till Vaasa Wildlife Festivalens filmtävling som ordnades för nionde gången anmäldes i år 854 filmer från 88 länder. Till final kom 62 filmer från 27 länder.

De bästa filmerna premierades på lördag kväll 29.9 i Kulturhuset Fanny.

Vinnarna i tävlingsserierna:

Naturvetenskapliga filmer: Zoltan Török (Ungern): Lemming - The Little Giant Of The North

Filmer som handlar om miljövård: Reza Mohammadpour (Iran): White Fortune

Nordiska filmer: Asgeir Helgestad (Norge): Queen without Land

Kortfilmer: Eleanor Hamilton (UK): Life on the Machair

Undervattensfilmer: Ulf Marquard (Tyskland) Lionfish - New Pirates of the Caribbean

Vetenskapliga filmer: Jan Hošek, Marián Polák och Petr Kubica (Tjeckien): The World according to Termites


Filmer med energi som tema: Panos Raptis (UK): The secret life of materials

Filmer som handlar om klimatförändringen: Frank Oly (Australien): Grassroots

Animationer: Numan Ayaz (Turkiet): Blue tomorrow

Juryns specialpris: Oliver Goetzl (Tyskland): White wolves – Ghosts of the Arctic

Juryn bedömer filmerna utifrån bl.a. handlingen, autenticiteten, bild- och ljudbehandlingen, textningen och berättandet samt pedagogiska värden och underhållningsvärden.

Mer information om festivalen: www.wildlife.vaasa.fi


Bild: Lemming - The Little Giant Of The North”, Zoltan Török




What is natural history filmmaking? - it is not only the preservation of flora and fauna, it is the discovery of new information to science and to the general public. 
And to achieve this, the filmmaker has to have extensive knowledge not only about the process of filmmaking, but alsoabout the chosen subjects.

1st place: A film by Zoltan Török from Hungary: Lemming - The Little Giant Of The North

2nd place: The Rhoen - A Natural Paradise in the Heart of Germany, a film from Germany

3rd place: The Canary Islands - World of the Fire Mountains from Austria



We have received many candidates for this category from all around the world and all have stories to tell regarding our sucess and failure in the environment and its conservation.

1st place: The winner of this chatecory is a film by Reza Mohammadpour from Iran: White Fortune

2nd place: Lake of Apples from Macedonia

3rd place: The Shuidong Connection Forest from United Kingdom



There are many filmmakers of various nationalities in this Nordic category who see Scandinavia from different perspectives of how they see life in this northern region.

1st place: The winner is a film by Asgeir Helgestad from Norway: Queen without Land

2nd place:Wild Baltic Sea Ep.3: From Finland to Sweden. A film from Germany.

3rd place: White Moos from Sweden



To tell a short story one has to stick to the paradigm in order to maintain the story's directive. It is not what you say it is what you do not say that counts. Stick to the issue in order to get the message across.

1st place: The winning film comes from the United Kingdom. It's a film made by Eleanor Hamilton: Life on the Machair

2nd place: Guardians of Anja comes also from the United Kingdom

3rd place: Daroji from India



The oceand have yet to reveal their treasures and at this moment in time we know very little about them. New discoveries are being made every day from the shallows to the great depths.

The following film have demonstrated the remarkable life beneath the waves.

1st place: The winning film is made by Ulf Marquard from Germany: Lionfish - New Pirates of the Caribbean

2nd place: Underwater Wilderness – Sudan, a film from Hungary

3rd place: Sea of Life from Canada



Science presented in an audio visual format is informative and can be entertaining and allows for easy comprehension not only for the academic, but for the general public.

1st place: The winning film is made by Jan Hošek, Marián Polák and Petr Kubica from Czech Republic: The World according to Termites

2nd place: Budapest Inferno from Hungary

3rd place: World without Insects from Germany



Energy is in everything – it is needed to sustain life from production, transportation, communication, agriculture and the commodities required by human populations in order to function. But where does it come from? - are the resources limitless or will they eventually run out and if this is the case what are we doing to solve the problem?

1st place: Winner is the film mady by Panos Raptis from the United Kingdom / Greece: The secret life of materials

2nd place: The fight for the Arctic from Germany

3rd place: Closing the loop from Belgium



What is climate change – is it a natural phenomenon or is it man made or a combination of both. Do we have enough time to save the environment in the long term so that future generations are able to survive?

The winning films have addressed this problem giving possible solutions to prevent a catastrophe.

1st place: The winner is the film by Frank Oly from Australia: Grassroots

2nd place: The Sea and the Land from Germany

3rd place: The Pale Horse, also from Germany



There are many styles of animation which are a surilistic art form, but what does a filmmaker need to make a sucessful film? You need a good story with a good message in order to emphasise the meaning.

1st place: The winner is the film by Numan Ayaz from Turkey: Blue tomorrow

2nd place: Green Invasion from Argenitina

3rd: place: Tasteful from USA



The jury's special award is given to a film that has outstanding qualities where the filmmakers have demonstrated their ability to capture scenes never seen before - information that is new to science, education and to the general public.

Out of the many films that qualified for this award 3 contenders were selected as they offered more than most due to their dexterity and prowess as filmmakers.

1st place: Winner is the film made by Oliver Goetzl from Germany: White wolves – Ghosts of the Arctic

2nd place: Birds of the lakes return from Slovenia

3rd place: Life behind the stars from Spain